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Tuesday August 4, 2009 3:13 pm

Behind-the-Scenes Chelsea Handler Video or Just Another Skit?

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E! supposedly scooped one of their own employees, Chelsea Lately talk show host Chelsea Handler, with a “” that’s been “secretly recorded.”

At least E! admits the production value is extremely high, but still insinuates that Handler might be creating a “hostile work environment” for her employees. Far be it from me to say whether or not she is, but I can say the video reads as feeling pretty false. Amusing, yes. Scripted? Most likely.

During the so-called employee evaluation, alludes to having a relationship with the president of E! (thus explaining her success on the network). She also tells the employee in question “I’m already sick of you,” after browbeating him for attending night school.

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All she ever does is yell at the guys that work for her. D:

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