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Thursday July 1, 2010 10:17 pm

Dean McDermott in ICU After Dirt Bike Crash

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Dean McDermott

UPDATE: #2: McDermott is now out of the hospital.
UPDATE: Dean is still in the hospital but now out of the ICU.

Despite what his Twitter profile currently says, is no longer an “avid motorcyclist and racer.”

On Tuesday, ‘s husband found himself in the hospital after riding dirt bikes with some friends. The 43-year-old, who fractured his shoulder in a motorcycle spill earlier this year, was later admitted into an intensive care unit with a punctured and collapsed lung.

“Thanks for the well wishes. A collapsed lung is no fun, and is a lengthy heal,” the reality star tweeted today. “Feeling pretty bad today. Day 2 is always the worst.”

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Followers of know McDermott’s love of racing has caused tension between him and his wife. Fortunately for Tori, this latest incident has finally convinced Liam and Stella’s daddy to quit the sport.

“When I first saw him he just softly said ‘I’m so sorry. I just held his hand and cried. That’s when he said, ‘I’ll never do this again. You and the kids mean everything to me,’” Tori told People about her arrival at the hospital. “He’s taking this as a sign and realizing family is too important to risk his life.”

Dean, who should make a full recovery, is expected to remain in the ICU a few more days.

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I love how he’s still posting on his Twitter when he’s in the ICU.

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