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Gwen Stefani Names Her New Son Apollo

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Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani with their sonsGwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale have named their third son Apollo.

The 48-year-old Bush frontman confirmed they welcomed a baby boy into the world in Los Angeles on Friday, and they decided to include both of their mother's maiden names in the tot's unusual moniker.

"Welcome Apollo Bowie Flynn Rossdale 2/28/14. Bowie and Flynn = [our] mothers' maiden names," he wrote on Saturday.

The couple also have sons, Zuma, five, and Kingston, seven, together, while Gavin has daughter Daisy Lowe, 25, with ex-girlfriend Pearl Lowe.

The No Doubt beauty, 44, revealed in January that she was expecting another son.


Gwen and Gavin Expecting a Boy

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Gwen Stefani and Gavin RossdaleIt's another boy for Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale!

The No Doubt singer announced on her Instagram earlier today that she and her Bush rocker husband will be looking forward to raising a third son. “I was ready to hand over the crown. but I guess I am still queen of the house. #itsaboy #surroundedbyboys," she wrote in the caption accompanying a photo of her wearing a crown.

Gwen and Gavin - who have been married for 11 years now - are already parents to Kingston, 7, and Zuma, 5.

Back in September 2012, Gwen revealed in an interview that she had hoped for a third child sooner: “I really, really, really wanted one about two years ago. And it didn’t really work out... So... I feel good with what we’ve got. Everything works out how it should. You can’t plan anything, right? You can try."

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Gwen Stefani Determined to Keep Working Through Pregnancy

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Gwen Stefani doesn't want her pregnancy to stop her working.

The singer is expecting her third child with husband Gavin Rossdale but rather than take things easy she is determined to continue with her career as normal. "Gwen is working through this and even going to a lot of parties and social functions as if she isn't pregnant at all, and she's not interested in having long conversations with her friends about it either. She's clearly trying to be the ultimate low maintenance mom," a source said.

As Gwen has been through two previous pregnancies - with her sons, Kingston, seven, and Zuma, five - she is finding this one a lot easier and seems to be breezing through it. "Everybody is wondering how Gwen is doing it... When people bring up that she's pregnant, she tries to change the subject - she's definitely trying to do something different with this pregnancy," the source added.

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Gwen Stefani Pregnant with Baby Number Three?

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Gwen Stefani is reportedly pregnant with her third child.

The 43-year-old singer and her husband Gavin Rossdale are said to expecting a sibling for their sons, Kingston, seven, and five-year-old Zuma. The couple are delighted with the happy news and Gwen has already started nesting in preparation for the tot.

"Gwen and Gavin couldn't be happier. She's just trying to focus on resting right now. She wants to make sure that all is well with the baby," a source said.

Gwen has previously admitted she wanted a third, and revealed she and Gavin, 47, tried for a baby in 2010: "I really, really, really wanted one. It didn't really work out. So I feel good with what we've got. Everything works out how it should. You can't plan everything, right? You can try."

Despite her incredible pop success, Gwen has also stated her greatest achievement in life has been having a family. "My biggest accomplishment is my marriage so far. Because it's hard, everyone knows it's hard. Marriage is something that I always wanted to do successfully. It was a dream of mine. I like the official-ness and the family-ness of it all, having the same name and making decisions together," she previously said.

Gwen Stefani Wanted a Third Child

Gwen Stefani "really, really" wanted a third child.

The No Doubt singer - who has sons Kingston, six and four-year-old Zuma with husband Gavin Rossdale - reveals she was desperate to expand her family in 2010, but "it didn't work out."

"I really, really, really wanted one about two years ago. It didn't really work out. So I feel good with what we've got. Everything works out how it should. You can't plan everything, right? You can try."

Despite her disappointment, Gwen is delighted with how well her children get along, despite constant fighting: "From the moment they wake up, they start beating on each other. I never knew they would be so physical. They're just starting to play real well together, but with a lot of fighting. They do look out for each other - especially the little one, he really loves his big brother."

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Gwen Stefani Wanted to Marry Her First Love

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Gwen Stefani and Tony Kanal of No DoubtGwen Stefani always thought she would marry her first love.

The No Doubt singer used to date the group's bassist Tony Kanal and she was so besotted with him she was convinced he was the man she was going to end up with forever. "That first love you have is so huge and it was, like, so overwhelming and I remember defining myself by that. Basically I was so inspired by this love there was just nothing else. I wanted to get married, I wanted to have babies. It was such a short dream, you know what I mean? I didn't realize at the time there is so much more out there," said Gwen, who wrote No Doubt's smash hit 'Don't Speak' about their split.

Gwen - who now has two sons, Kingston, six, and four-year-old Zuma, with her rocker husband Gavin Rossdale - is now glad Tony dumped her because it made her the person she is today: "It unlocked a whole other side of me I didn't even know I had. Ever since then, I don't remember that little girl. She was different. I think that's the thing: discovering I had something I'm passionate about and I think I'm good at. That defines me now, more than just young love or whatever."

Gwen Stefani Wears Make-Up For Gavin Rossdale

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Gwen Stefani and Gavin RossdaleGwen Stefani wears make-up to make her husband Gavin Rossdale like her more.

The No Doubt singer - who is known for her trademark red lips and pale skin - has confessed that the main reason she wears such heavy make-up is to please her husband of ten years, rock musician Gavin. "I like to make my husband like me more, and he likes it when I'm wearing makeup," she told Harper's Bazaar.

Gwen added to the interviewer, "I already put my makeup on twice today: I put it on to take my kid to school, and then I went home, washed my face, and put it on again to have lunch with you."

The blonde bombshell also said you would need to "torture yourself" in order to achieve her rock solid abs and the 42-year-old claims her enviable figure is down to a strict exercise regime. "There is no secret: You just have to eat healthy, work out, and torture yourself!" she joked.

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Gwen Stefani to Host Fundraiser With Michelle Obama

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Gwen Stefani Michelle Obama

Gwen Stefani is to host a fundraiser with Michelle Obama.

The No Doubt singer will stage a "Family Day" with the First Lady at Gwen's Beverly Hills home on August 12 and a family of four can join the party for $1,000. A $5,000 donation gets the family extra time with Gwen and Michelle, wife of President Barack Obama. It is not known whether Gwen's sons, Kingston, six, and three-year-old Zuma, or Michelle's daughters, Malia, 14, and 11-year-old Sasha, will be at the event.

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Gavin Rossdale is Very Proud of Daisy

Daisy LoweGavin Rossdale is "very proud" of Daisy Lowe's career.

The Bush singer - who was the model's godfather before he was revealed to be her biological dad when he took a paternity test in 2004 - is glad of how well Daisy has done in life and tries to see her as much as he can. The 46-year-old musician - who fathered Daisy after a brief relationship with singer/songwriter Pearl Lowe - told BANG Showbiz, "I see Daisy whenever I can. She's done so well, she's an amazing girl. I'm very proud of her career."

Gavin - who also has two sons, Kingston, five, and three-year-old Zuma with his wife Gwen Stefani -takes a "relaxed" approach to parenting, and he wasn't concerned when Daisy recently posed naked in an edition of racy men's magazine Playboy: "The Playboy pictures were nothing really to do with me, I'm just there to support her when she needs me and look out for her. She's an adult. I'm a pretty relaxed person, and that is reflected in my parenting style, too. I like my kids to express themselves and do what they want."

Gavin Rossdale Leaves Family Size Up to Gwen

Gavin Rossdale, Gwen Stefani, and kidsGavin Rossdale will only have another baby if his wife Gwen Stefani wants one. The Bush frontman - who has two sons, Kingston, five, and three-year-old Zuma with the pop superstar - doesn't think it is his "right" to make a decision about whether or not to expand the family, so he leaves the choice up to the blonde beauty.

"Do I want more kids? You mean do I have any more plans to be an idiot? No, having more kids is down to Gwen. It's not really the male decision, it's just not right. I just say, 'Sure babe, whatever you want.' It's always the woman's decision," said Gavin, who is also the father of 22-year-old model Daisy Lowe.

The 46-year-old musician - who has been married to Gwen, 42, since September 2002 - also revealed he makes all his career decisions with his children at the front of his mind and has never been motivated by money: "Everything that I do is with my kids in mind. Every single action is about setting them up for life. But I've never been one to connect actions to money.  Before I sold a record I just had this ridiculous pipe dream with no particular training, no particular skill but I found a way through. I've never done a gig based on money. Anyone who cares about money is not going to do rock music in the mid-90s."