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Pink: I Should Be Gay

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PinkPink thinks she "should" be gay. The "So What" hitmaker - who has 16-month-old daughter Willow with husband Carey Hart - thinks her image means it would make "perfect sense" if she was a lesbian, particularly as she is so close to her homosexual pals.

"They've been the most loyal part of what I do. They've been my most loyal friends, to be honest. I've had a lot of my gay boys around, but my gay girls are my rootstalk. They're my honesty in an ocean of bulls**t. I should be gay by the way that I look and the way that I am. I just happen to not be. But it just makes perfect and complete sense."

Pink, 33, says she has always lived in an "open" world and admits she and her pals had no "definable sexuality" when they were partying and taking the drug ecstasy.

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Pink: Women Cheat Better

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Pink with her daughter WillowPink thinks that women are better at cheating than men.

The "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" singer - who has just released new album The Truth About Love - believes females are better at covering their infidelities than guys, and get away with it more.

"Everyone's always like, 'Ah the man cheats,' but I think women cheat more than men, we just don't get caught," she said.

The 33-year-old star has been married to motocross racer Carey Hart since 2006 and although they broke up between 2008 and 2009, they now have 15-month-old daughter, Willow Sage, together and she is not tempted to cheat on him. "I have been in a relationship with this man for 10 years and I have figured out that no one can push your buttons like your mother or your partner. I have a tattoo on my wrist that says 'True Love' with Carey's name under it," she added.

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Pink Wants More Kids

Carey Hart and Pink with their daughter WillowPink is ready to have another baby. The 33-year-old singer is desperate for a sibling for her 15-month-old daughter Willow but knows now isn't the right time to get pregnant again as she is due to begin a tour in support of her new album The Truth About Love in February 2013.

Pink - who is married to motocross star Carey Hart - said, "I mean if I weren't going, getting ready to go on tour, I'd be pregnant. I'm barefoot and pregnant in my garden with an attitude."

Although she wants another baby, Pink admitted her last pregnancy made her full of "rage," comparing her experience to the horror movie 28 Days Later: "They were infected with the rage virus and that's what I had. I didn't battle morning sickness, I didn't have cravings. I had rage!''

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Pink: Life is Harder for Women

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Pink and her daughterPink thinks life is "harder" if you have a "vagina."

The "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" singer hopes her 15-month-old daughter Willow - her child with husband Carey Hart - will grow up to be a talented and valued individual, but believes it will be tougher for her because she is a girl.

"If she rebels, she'll listen to opera and hate tattoos. If she has talent, I'd be cool with it. This world is way too cruel if you're not talented. That's why I didn't get lost in the sauce. And it's harder if you have a vagina. An ambitious man is admirable and respected. An ambitious woman is difficult and emotional. There's a boys' club, even in music. You have to think before you talk. I can be loud, but I've learned you can have quiet power," she told USA Today.

Despite the problems she knows her child may face, Pink would love more kids and have a big family because she knows then at least one of her kids will like her:

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Pink is Keen to Have More Children

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Pink and Carey Hart with their daughterPink wants a "basketball team" of children.

The "Get This Party Started" singer - who has 14-month-old daughter Willow with husband Carey Hart - says the "fiery" youngster has changed her outlook on life and she can't wait to have more kids with her spouse.

"Willow is heavenly. She's changed the way I look at life. She's funny and fiery, with Carey's looks and my attitude. It's been amazing watching my man stumble awkwardly into love with his baby daughter. I'd love to have more kids. I'd like to have a big, dysfunctional basketball team full of them."

The pop star - who split from her motocross champion husband in 2008 before reuniting two years later - admits having a child together has helped to bring some stability to their lives and improved their marriage. "We still have our moments, but that's normal. We both come from families affected by divorce, so we have vowed to do things differently," she said in an interview.

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Pink is Hospitalized

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PinkPink has been hospitalized with stomach flu.

The "So What" singer took herself to a medical center after falling ill, and Tweeted a picture of herself in bed, sipping a drink with an intravenous (IV) drip attached to her arm.

"Maybe it's cause my mum was an Emergency Room nurse all my life - but throw me in a gown and a hook me up to an IV- and I'm a happy girl. Stomach flu sucks but morphine doesn't (sic)," she wrote.

After hundreds of people rushed to wish her well, the singer - real name Alecia Moore - gave her thanks, and clarified her previous comment, saying she was joking about the morphine, a strong painkiller commonly used on patients suffering extreme discomfort.

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Pink Spends 5k Saving Puppy’s Life

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PinkPink has forked out $5,000 to save a puppy's life. The "Raise Your Glass" hitmaker - who has a six-month-old daughter Willow with her husband Carey Hart - splashed out on emergency life-saving surgery for the mystery pooch which had been left for dead after being thrown in a Los Angeles river.

According to TMZ.com, sources revealed the puppy had suffered three broken legs as a result of the incident, but Pink got in contact with the Ace of Hearts animal rescue organization and offered to pay for the canine's medical expenses after reading about it on the internet. The dog's operation was successful and it has now been adopted by a loving family.

Meanwhile, Pink has fully embraced the Christmas spirit and admits she has been much more successful buying presents for her friends and family this year compared to 2010. "I hope every1 out there gets a big hug and feels super duper special at least 3 x this holiday. even if it's from a stranger. hugs r healthy when i am having a good year for xmas presents, no one can touch me! and this year i was inspired!!!! last year i sucked. (sic)" she wrote on her Twitter.

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Pink Enjoying Motherhood

Pink and husband Carey Hart with their baby at the beachPop star Pink is getting used to "snot, tears and poop" since she became a mother. The singer and her motocross racer husband Carey Hart welcomed their daughter Willow Sage Hart into the world on June 2, and the one-time hellraiser admits her life has taken a turn in a completely different, but joyous, direction.

"My life was once whiskey, tears, and cigarettes . now it's snot, tears, and the color of poop. Bliss (sic)," she wrote on her Twitter.

However, the 31-year-old pop star does miss one thing about her old lifestyle: "I do miss the whiskey though."

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Hollywood Baby Roundup: November 25, 2010

Travolta Family

It’s time once again to congratulate those celebrities entering into parenthood:

John Travolta: John and wife Kelly Preston have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. On Tuesday, the actors welcomed a new addition to the family. Benjamin’s arrival comes almost two years after the loss of their son Jett. The happy parents also have a daughter named Ella Bleu.

Kim Zolciak: The Real Housewives of Atlanta star has no plans to return to Big Poppa anytime soon. She is now carrying her first child with boyfriend Kroy Biermann. Biermann, a defensive end for the Atlanta Falcons, was recently featured in an episode of her Bravo series. Zolciak already has two daughters from an earlier marriage.

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Michelle McGee Once Linked to Carey Hart

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Michelle McGee - the woman linked to Jesse James - reportedly had a brief relationship with Pink’s husband.

According to Michelle’s ex-husband Shane Modica, the tattoo model had sex with motocross racer after meeting him in 2008.

“I knew about her fling with Carey Hart, Michelle told me that she had slept with him. She flew out to Las Vegas to see him but she was upset that they never got to spend as much time together as she expected too,” Shane told RadarOnline.com

At the time Carey was separated from , who he reconciled with in 2009.

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